My Role:

UX & UI, research, prototyping, web design



To build a brand from scratch, and to deliver an experience that will make an impression and will keep customers coming back. We had no customer base to gather data, so to build our brand we had to decide on a target demographic, but consider who would actually purchase. We utilized information we knew from working in the e-commerce and shoe industry to build personas.


Action Plan:

Our target demographic being women between the ages of 18-30.

We first considered all of our marketing channels, and decided that organic growth through social media outreach was the most cost efficient as well as most effective. To gift and collaborate with popular influencers would be the quickest way to get eyes on our product, and to generate word of mouth.

We wanted our brand to have a minimalistic approach, to really allow our products to shine. I created wireframes for some of our most important pages, the Product page and Add to Cart function. We wanted to really streamline and perfect this process so that customers felt comfortable checking out with a brand they didn't know. We also felt it appropriate considering these pages gained the most traffic and were high conversion points.


A Human Connection:

Aside from the technical matters, what was important to us was also the physical connection our product would make with the customer. As a Co-Founder, I felt extremely humbled and excited when people reacted positively to our shoes. I felt that an experience an iPhone could not replicate was pure gratitude and human connection. We chose to wrap our boxes in black tissue paper and include a handwritten note inside each one. These were a hit. Customers emailed us and posted to Instagram to display how pleasantly surprised they were upon opening the package. The small investment of blank cards and tissues were indeed well worth it.


Next Steps:

As our customer base is expanding, we hope to gather more data about our demographic, and further hone in on how best to deliver the best products. We will begin a/b testing to see what kinds of product photos generates the most conversions, what colors and copy do best on our website, and what kinds of email our customers will best respond to.