Creative, practical, and (occasionally) head-in-the-clouds



  1. Los Angeles native; Berlin transplant

  2. Experience designer studying Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island

  3. Can often be found in the passenger seat on a long road trip.

  4. My goal is to design for ‘Awe’ through installation art + immersive experiences

  5. I name all my plants

  6. You can view my resume here.


From a professional standpoint:

I have 4 years of experience as an in-house and freelance designer for fashion startups, specializing in web/graphic design, creative direction, and UX/UI design. I helped launch many projects from the initial concept through to execution and delivery. In 2016, I co-founded the footwear company TELEPORT Shoes as creative director, shoe designer, and brand manager. Currently I am living in Berlin and finishing up my Masters program in Digital Experience Design with Hyper Island (based in Manchester, UK). My current passion is for infusing emotion and empathy into design. I love exercising my creativity in all my professional endeavors.


From a personal standpoint:

A few of my favorite things include (but are not limited to): small animals, dusk, space stuff, weight lifting, noodle soups, traveling, books, introspection, and introspective chats with others.

I love exploring the interconnections between thoughts and emotions, and how this can be represented through physical and digital spaces. To me, great design should consider the bigger picture and connect people to new ideas, new perspectives, and to each other. Through traveling, I realized that everyone can benefit from new ways of thinking, and that design has this power to cultivate empathy and an expansion of worldview. One of my greatest aspirations is to reflect the beauty of natural phenomenon through art and experience design.




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