Hello! I’m Melissa.


I am a UX designer from Los Angeles who is currently living in Berlin. Recently, I completed my studies with Hyper Island’s Digital Experience Design masters program. There, I practiced a learn-by-doing approach to problem solving by embracing many ideas, testing good ones, and delivering great ones. I am experienced in applying design thinking methodology and user-centered principles to digital products and strategy. My passion lies with infusing emotion, empathy, and aesthetics into experiences.

You can view my resume here.

 From a personal standpoint:

A few of my favorite things include: unsolved mysteries, criminology, personifying houseplants, weight lifting, noodle soups, camping, long road trips, books, and introspective chats with others.

I love exploring the interconnections between perception and emotion, and how this can be represented through physical and digital spaces. To me, great design should connect people to new ideas, new perspectives, and to each other. Through traveling, I realized that everyone can benefit from new ways of thinking, and that design has this power to cultivate empathy and an expansion of worldview. One of my greatest aspirations is to reflect the beauty of natural phenomenon through visual art and experience design.




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